Some Toughest Clerical Interview Questions- You Should Watch Out

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Published: 09th December 2010
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For the post of the clerical staff in a company, you would have to work very efficiently and effectively. The important responsibilities of a clerk are staffing, filling, record keeping and many other clerical functions. Candidates are asked for many interview questions related to retrieving, numerical ability, reasoning, filling, clerical checking, typing speed, data entry and spelling. In this way, we can say there are lots of roles and responsibilities of the clerks. If you are planning for the post of clerical staff, you need to be much prepared or the interview after clearing the written test.

Prepare for the following clerical interview questions that may be asked during the interview in a specific company. All the clerical vacancies occur in a large range of companies and it includes a wide range of activities and tasks. Prepare for the interview for the office administration post or clerical. Some of the interview questions with accurate answer are written below:

Which computer application do you know for computation?
Relate your skills and abilities to the job requirement. You might say that I am capable in formatting and making new spreadsheets, editing & creating tables in word document and maintaining the data and information. Give the details of computer applications you are aware of.

What is the most important quality required for the clerical/ administrative job?
There are many essential qualities are needed for the post of clerical staff such as organizing, planning, confidentiality, proper attention, flexibility, accuracy, adaptability, judgment and much more. A clerical and administrative job involves the content management, data management and good communication skills.

Describe me your innovations that you had done in your previous job?
If you are asked this question you have to answer positively and innovatively for the given problems. This is because your recruiter wants to know something about your capability and competence skills in order to solve the problems and to check whether you are fit for the post or not.

How would you deal with the people?
Use your brain and knowledge to answer the tricky question. These clerical interviews are used to check your qualities and abilities whether you can offer useful information service to customers and managers or not.

Which computer application do you know for computation?
Describe several computer applications you are well known with. You can also describe your projects what you had done in the previous company. Always give an explanation of you proficiency like I am good in creating and formatting spreadsheets, creating tables and editing tables in word document. You should relate your abilities and skills to the job requirement.

These are few important questions that are asked during the clerical interview. If you prepare well, you will get the success.

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