Some Important Business Analyst Interview Question

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Published: 09th December 2010
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An analyst is a person who is well qualified and trained; who deeply understand several aspects of a company. It is very much important to be ready for the interview. During the entire process of interview you may be asked many questions. Just one wrong or bad answer can disappoint you. So always make sure that you are much prepared for the job interview. You will have to give good answers to each interview question for the post of analyst.

You never know what you will be asked during the interview. Some of the following interview questions for the business analyst can help you a lot to prepare for the interview. Now I will give you some business analyst interview questions. Here are some common business analyst interview questions.

What are you current and future goals?
My goal is to find a company where I can use my technical and non technical skills to maximize the companyís growth and popularity.

How do you handle your pressure and stress?
I can work under the lots of pressure and any circumstances because I love to work in a tough and challenging environment.

I have met so many people, why should we hire you?
Explain your excellent communication and interpersonal skills, technical skills and accomplishments. Always be optimistic. You can describe him any software package or application you are known with.

What do you know about the company?
As far as my knowledge concerned, your company is a good leading company. You can explain the tag line of that particular company to answer this question.

Tell me about your greatest strength?
I am very positive confident and honest.

Can you tell me your weakness?
You must say your strength that shows your weak points. Make sure that your weakness should be positive.

I have met so many people, why should we hire you?
You can tell him any software application or package you are aware of. If you have some additional skills and knowledge of any software programs, donít forget to explain it. Explain your technical skills, good communication skills and accomplishments. Always be positive.

Can you explain me some of your non technical and technical qualification and skills?
I possess the knowledge of MS word, MS outlook, PowerPoint, access and I know various tools like OOD. I know how to work on these applications.

It is always good to prepare for the interview questions before going for the interview.

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