A Guide to Administration Interview Questions You Should Know

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Published: 09th December 2010
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It is a fact that most of the questions differ from person to person for every job seeker but the basic tips are still same. If you really want to apply for this highly responsible job of administration, always be aware of some possible common administrative interview questions. Administrative questions differ from the level of the administrative work. Since an administrator is person who is expected to handle lots of important tasks. So it is also very important that you work hard for the administrative position. Here are some very frequently asked administrative interview questions.

Why Do You Want To Leave Your Previous Job?
Do not be too much negative about your dislikes and likes. Simply tell your hiring officer the main reason. You can say that you were not able to reach your potentials with the previous job.

What Is The Most Difficult Decision To Take?
Well, it is little bit tricky question but you donít worry; the answer to this tricky question is very easy. You can show about your hard projects and other difficult tasks. And do not forget to explain your interviewer how you overcame from this hard project work.

Tell Me The Exact Difference Between Administration And Management.
Usually, a management is the combination of various processes like planning, organizing, directing, staffing and controlling the whole activities of the businesses or a company.

Explain Your Technical Skills, Experience And Also Educational Qualifications.
If you are asked about this question, explain all your technical and educational qualification to an employer. Also explain the percentage of marks with your division. Mention your professional work experience.

What Are The Responsibilities And Roles Of An Administrative Person?
There are so many responsibilities of an administrator. He is responsible to manage the whole team of an organization. Responsibilities like managing the office, recruiting effective staff, listening to complaints, supervising staff, removing the rusty and lazy manpower.

Why Do You Want To Join This Post?
The job is completely according to my area of interest. You can show you leadership quality, maintaining customer relationship with good example to your interviewer. Explain that you can handle the difficult situations.

These interview questions lead you towards the second interview. In some universities, these questions are frequently asked for the initial screening of the students. Maintain proper eye contact with the recruiter. By following these interview questions and tips, I am sure that you will make a long lasting impression on the interviewer or hiring officer. Good luck and all the best.

A grand collection of standard job Common Interview Questions. These are some traditional questions which are often popped up by the employers at interviews. Read more about administration interview questions

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